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We are experts in website design, website development, web programming, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website performance tuning, whiteboard animations and much more. We take pride in building websites that help businesses to increase their turnover and grow. We specialize in building high-performance websites. We offer a bespoke web design service for those who want the very best. We also cater for start-up businesses and offer high quality starter web packages for those who have a tight budget. In short, if you want a website that really works, you need to come and talk to us.
Website design

Budget Website Designer

We know not everyone wants to spend big money on a website. That's why we've developed a set of great looking fixed designs for you to choose from. This reduces development time and enables us to get you online with a great looking website, at a reduced cost. You'll get the same high quality support, service and build quality as our bespoke websites too.
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Bespoke Website Designer

For those who want their website to stand out with a completely unique design, we offer a bespoke website build service. This enables us to tailor the look and feel of your new website to match perfectly with your business and your customers expectations. Your website will often provide the first impression of your business, so make sure it's one that's exactly right!
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Search Engine Optimization

Want to get your website on the front page of Google search results? We can help you get there using methods promoted and approved by Google themselves. Real-time demonstrations of our results are available. Don't use a company who subcontract their work overseas and get your website penalized.
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Whiteboard Video Animations

No-one likes a hard sell, so why not get a key marketing message across in a way that your audience will enjoy! Clever use of whiteboard videos can entertain your audience and create a great first impression for your business. Stand out from the crowd as different and a cut above the rest.
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Super-Boost Your Website

We've created what we believe to be the most comprehensive website improvement scheme available today. We cover a broad range of areas including website optimization, backlinks, load speed, content and more. Transform your website in to one of your most effective marketing tools.
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Coldfusion developer

With over 16 years experience of developing websites using ColdFusion, we're ideally placed to help with your development needs. New system development, bug-fixing, maintenance of legacy systems, database development and optimization are all within our scope. How can we help?
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Website designs – from £495 all in.

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