Visualising data.

Everything you could ever need to display data on a map.

Base maps

A choice of free to use base maps

Markers and points

A variety of markers are available

In-house analysis

Visualise your data to instantly see where there are problems and opportunities

Dynamic or static data

Data can be displayed in real-time or historically

Popup information

Add clickable popups to every data point

Collect data

Use maps to collect data from end users

Example 1

This map displays the sewage spills by Yorkshire Water in 2021. We use different sized and coloured markers to draw attention to the worst sites. A popup provides summary data about each site. Use the layers toggle in the top right of the map to switch base layers and toggle the data layer on and off. Although there are over 2,000 data points, the performance is fast with minimal lag. An appropriate legend is output when the data layer is selected.

Data provided by DEFRA. © Environment Agency copyright and/or database right 2022. All rights reserved.