Ready to take on our 6-month Super-Boost challenge?

Effectively target valuable keywords

Optimize web pages for search engines

Improve your website load times

Optimize your website for Google maps

Increase your social media coverage

Improve your Google search ranking

Increase traffic to your website

Convert more visitors to customers

Improve your website with our 6-step plan - Guaranteed!

Take up our 6-step plan to Super-Boost your website and we guarantee you'll see significant improvements by the end of the 6 months. We're so confident, that if we haven't made a significant difference to your website, we'll continue working until we have - for FREE!

What's included in the 6-step plan?

Man pointing to key ways we can help optimize your website
  • Month 1

    Install and optimize Google Analytics on your website
    Carry out and provide keyword research using Google Database
    Establish and provide the most effective search terms for your business
    Establish and provide baseline results from Google Analytics

  • Month 2

    Identify your 3 most popular webpages (should include home page)
    Optimize headings for Search Engines on 3 pages
    Optimize text for Search Engines on 3 pages
    Optimize images for Search Engines on 3 pages

  • Month 3

    Establish baseline load-times of your website
    Identify bottle-necks in the loading of your website
    Optimize load times and speed up your website
    Demonstrate improved load-time

  • Month 4

    Research and report on current backlinks to your website
    Create listings in premium business directories
    Create and upload unique content for business directories
    Create updated report of the backlinks to your website

  • Month 5

    Verify your business with Google
    Create a Google “My business” page
    Create and upload unique content to the page
    Optimize your listing to appear in Google maps

  • Month 6

    Optimize your Facebook business page
    Create 4 unique Facebook posts, releasing one per week
    Promote and share Facebook posts locally to your business
    Compile final report from Google Analytics

All of the work completed with 6 easy monthly payments of £299

No need to pay upfront for all this work on your website. We enable you to pay just £299 per month for each step of our plan. This costs less than most advertisements in a local paper or to run a leaflet campaign. There's no contract and you can cancel at any time, but it's not happened yet!

What do we need from you?

30 minutes of your time
cPanel logo
The first thing we need from you is commitment. While we do all the work on improving your website, we need your input too. You know your business best and we may need to ask you to make decisions and choices as we go through this process. We make it as easy as possible though, so if you can commit a maximum of 30 minutes per month to working with us, that's all we need. To make changes on your website, we will need administrative access. This may be provided via cpanel or a login to the backend of your website e.g. WordPress/Joomla. We also ask for ftp access to your website as a back-up. If you've no idea what this all means - don't worry, your hosting provider should be able to supply them.

Ready for the challenge? What's next?

As a final check, we need to know that your website fulfills the criteria we're looking for. It must be fit for purpose and have the potential for improvement. This evaluation is free and there's no commitment to proceed. Please submit this quick form and we'll get back to you to confirm our findings. There is no commitment at this stage. If your website qualifies, we will simply provide you details of how to book your place on our 6-step Super-Boost program.

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