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Want your website to improve it’s ranking with Google?

Whatever business you’re in, it’s likely you’ll find stiff competition. Attracting leads and customers is vital to your sustained growth. How can you make sure your website is working hard to bring in new customers? The key is ensuring your website features prominently in Google search results. We can help optimize your website to give it the best chance of performing well. We only use systems recommended by Google themselves and we’ll never put your reputation at risk by using shady practices.
Our track record speaks for itself. We have attained some great results with our websites and are happy to demonstrate some of our first-page results to you.

Man pointing to key ways we can help optimize your website

We can help optimize your website:

  • Mobile-friendly

    We can update your current website to ensure it’s mobile-friendly and looks good on all modern devices.

  • Page optimization

    We can optimize each page of your website for specific search phrases. This includes optimizing page titles, headings, content and images.

  • Indexed by Google

    We can ensure that your whole website is crawled and indexed by Google, giving every page it’s best chance to perform well.

  • Reduce load times

    We can help to speed up your website, reducing load-times. Google and your customers will love a fast site.

  • Secure

    Google now reward websites that use the https protocol. We’ll help you set up and maintain your security certificate.

SEO packages and pricing

Before we could discuss optimizing your website, a detailed report needs to be compiled to analyze the weaknesses and strengths of your particular site. We charge £25 to collate a detailed SEO report that looks at over 60 metrics. This report is yours to keep and this can then form the basis for setting priorities and starting to improve your website. We are happy to complete improvements in one-go or can spread these out over several months in order to reduce the initial cost. When you’re ready to get serious about your website, call us to discuss how we can help.