What are whiteboard videos and animations?

Whiteboard videos are animated videos made up of text, images and sound. Why should I use them? They’re fun, interesting, and are remembered by customers more than text and images ever would be. Studies have shown that the first ten seconds of a customer looking at a website page are the most important. If you don’t get your visitors attention within that time, then the chances are, you’ll lose them. Including a whiteboard video on a website page can dramatically improve your retention times, as visitors want to see what happens.

What could a whiteboard video do for my business?

You can use whiteboard videos in lots of different ways. You can use them to drive traffic to your website, hold visitors attention while they’re there, explain how your business can help potential customers and for in-house training and development. The possibilities are endless, but in summary, here are a few ideas of how to make the best use of them for your business.

Businessman pointing to bilboard showing what a whiteboard animation could be used for

How to use a whiteboard video:

  • Home page welcome

    Add a welcome message to the home page of your website. Get visitors attention immediately, and keep it.

  • Explainer videos

    Explain a process or idea step-by-step so that your customers understand exactly what you mean.

  • Enhance benefits

    Explain how your products or services help your customers solve a problem or improve their lives..

  • Social media

    Run advertising promotions and marketing ideas on multiple social media platforms.

  • In-house training and development

    Use videos in your in-house training and development to train your staff in fun ways that encourage engagement and learning.

  • YouTube presence

    Build a business presence on YouTube and other video platforms to enhance your business profile and exposure.

Whiteboard video examples

Whiteboard video and animation prices

Whiteboard videos are an affordable way of really creating a buzz around your website. I will work with you to create a script and can advise on what is effective. I will create the video animations, add the text and any photographs you would like me to include. You have a huge choice of background music tracks and for an extra charge, I can arrange for a voice-over too. I will share the finished video file with you via Dropbox so it is yours to keep and you can upload it to your own YouTube channel or social media platforms, as well as embed it on to your website. There are no royalties to pay and no restrictions on how to use it.


For up to 30 seconds


For up to 60 seconds


For up to 120 seconds

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