Three questions you should ask your next web developer!

Where do you go when you want a new website? Whom do you trust when you want to improve your existing website?

Whenever employing someone to carry out work on your behalf, whether it’s a joiner or a web designer, it can be a stressful time deciding whom to ask and wondering if they’ll deliver their promises, on time and to your agreed budget. What can you look for in a web design company that can give you confidence that they’re the right choice for you?

Price can vary dramatically, so does spending more guarantee you a better service and end product? Not necessarily! It is true however that you cannot expect to buy a Rolls-Royce website if you have a budget for a Ford Fiesta.

So what can you look for in a web design company that can give you confidence that you’ll get a great website at a great price?

In my opinion, asking friends for recommendations is still one of the best ways to find a good web design agency/developer. If your friends have had a good experience, the chances are, you will too. That’s why at Advantage Web Designs we’re focused very much on making sure every one of our customers gets our full attention and is delighted with the final results. Despite all our efforts with advertising and marketing, referrals are still our leading income generator, and will probably always remain so.

Also, look for a business that has won accolades and awards from others along with published testimonials. If a business has these, then it’s viewed highly by others and that’s a great indicator!

Whomever you add to a shortlist of web design businesses you’re going to approach, I’d recommend you ask these three questions and insist on answers in writing! In my opinion the answers to these questions separate the businesses focused on profits from the businesses focused on delivering a great service to you. Which would you rather build your next website? So here they are:

  1. Are there any limits to the number of amendments I can have before we release my website?
    • Time is money of course, but if a web design company is focused on reducing development time, are you sure you’ll end up with a website you’re delighted with? Development is exactly that, ideas develop and fade, depending on how things look in the flesh and it’s impossible to know exactly what you want before work starts. At Advantage Web Designs, we never restrict the number of amendments you want before release. We want you to be as proud of your website as we are!
  2. Do you have a minimum performance standard you guarantee the website will pass?
    • We all know how off-putting a slow website can be, it really turns visitors off. When a web design company is cutting corners, website performance will often be one of the areas they will neglect. At Advantage Web Designs, we guarantee a minimum performance standard as tested against the Google PageSpeed Insights tool.
  3. Do you have a maintenance program to regularly upgrade the website platform, plugins and any theme files?
    • It’s vital to keep updating your core files, whether you use Magento, WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS. Allowing them to become out of date is asking for trouble and exposing your site to hackers and other miscreants. Keeping plugins and any theme files up to date is also essential to keep you website running smoothly and at it’s best. Would you know what to do if that’s all left to you? At Advantage Web Designs, we are pleased to offer a dedicated maintenance program so that you don’t have to worry about keeping your website up to date. That means you can concentrate on running your business efficiently, while we look after your website.