How to send email

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o how do I send email out? In addition to the settings for collecting email that we’ve discussed in our previous article, there are some for sending email. Computers have different procedures for receiving and sending email, the sending one is called SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is a lie because it is anything but simple). The settings are similar to those for collecting mail, but many companies have a different computer for receiving it. So Fred’s personal email settings with Google are:

  • protocol: SMTP
  • server:
  • username: [email protected]
  • password: ******** (Fred still isn’t going to show you his password!)

Remember how we said that sending email is like sending a postcard that anyone could read? There’s not a lot you can do about that, but you can use encryption programs (so it’s in a secret code) to hide the message from prying eyes. This can be very useful for sending things like passwords. (Question: how do you send the password so they can decode the password? Answer: public key cryptography – one half locks the message, the other unlocks it. We’ll write an article on this later!)

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